September 19, 2010


The Art of Discarded Lottery tickets by artist duo Ghost of a dream is an interpretation of the anticlimactic moment everyone has experienced in scratching a ticket to solve all of life's little problems. Creating real life interpretations of the stumbled upon "American Dream', the duo brings dreams to reality in pieces composed completely of discarded scratch-off lotto tickets amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.
Based off themes such as Dream Car, Dream Vacation, and Dream home, the artwork really encompasses the lost hopes of millions worldwide.
Anyone who has ever scratched a losing ticket can relate to this exhibit and see the beauty behind it. On a more basic level, it looks very cool. Enjoy.
Thanks to yatzer for the heads up on such an interesting group of pieces. Click here for more images.

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  1. What a great article on a topic that's so near and dear to our hearts. Thanks for sharing the closet-love!