July 22, 2010


Two giants central to any proper upbringing, Vans and Crayola have teamed up to make a limited run collaboration pack. Set to release this fall, the shoes come in a variety of styles and colorways and are sure to fly off the shelf. Each shoe gives the effect of being messily scribbled on to produce a really authentic and unique look.
A nice extra touch is also seen in the lace tips, which sport the classic crayon wrapping paper.
More to come after the drop.

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July 21, 2010


Anyone who has ever owned a pair of A.P.C jeans knows the high level of care taken in washing. With that same care in mind, the french brand has teamed up with Aesop Chemists to create a special cleanser wash designed with the specific intention of the hand-washing of many finer items. This little bottle is a new must have for anyone who truly loves their clothes. 

The cleanser will be available at A.P.C. retail stores worldwide.

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July 12, 2010


German sneak shop Solebox recently teamed up with Sinn watches to create a quality diving watch that meets the profession standard while also maintaining the exclusivity expected of any Solebox collaboration. The Sinn U2 comes with the original Sinn silicone strap, but also includes a more fashion forward olive green textile option as well. The watch, composed of resilient German submarine steel, is limited to 10 watches available to the public, each featuring the Solebox name on the face.
Retailing for around 3000 Euros, these extremely limited pieces hit the store on July 17th and will move fast so get yours soon if you are in search of a quality deep-sea timepiece.

July 4, 2010


Admittedly I am one to turn my nose at any desert boot that strays from the classic, but the Herbert Scheir Velskoen desert boot has finally presented a quality deviation from the norm. In fact they do quite the opposite. For their inspiration, the brand goes back to before street-worn desert boots to a time when the shoes were actually worn for labor by tribes and first produced by the Dutch East India Co. in the 1600's. The boot is a combination of quality fabrics, altered shape, and laces that contrast nicely and really come together into a great modern desert boot.

July 2, 2010


For those of you who don't already know, Saturdays Surf NYC is a little taste of the west coast embedded right in the heart of Soho. Mixing west coast aesthetic with a little taste of New York and some of the best baristas in the city manning a hidden gem coffee shop, Saturdays is a new Soho must stop for some shopping and a quality cup of Joe.
For their debut apparel collection, the Saturdays crew bring an updated laid back beach style to the streets of New York. While the collection is just a small capsule, it delivers on quality construction and timeless men's staples pieces for relaxed living. We are excited to see how this brand and shop continue grow.
Saturdays Surf NYC
31 Crosby Street, NYC

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