January 4, 2010


Finally, a group that understands the fact that two heads are better than one! The WAFA (or We Are Fucking Awesome) Collective is a worldwide grouping of creative minds coming together to put together great pieces of art. All of their art is the product of two or more artists working together. In their own words, "Our hope is to bring together a community of artists, united by collaboration, to inspire one another." Being as we are a site devoted to the daily inspirations found around us and on the web, we HAD to mention this amazing initiative.

The group is always growing and brings on new members on a biannual basis, so if you are interested be sure to get in touch with them by emailing info@wearefuckingawesome.org.

For more art and information, you can go to the official WAFA website by clicking HERE.

Thanks to Trendland for the heads up on this one...

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