December 15, 2009


This past week I had the privilege of attending the Marc Jacobs bloggers breakfast to look at some of the great gift ideas they have this year for the giving season. All of the brands under the Marc Jacobs umbrella, ranging from high-end collection items to Jacobs by Marc Jacobs, had some really amazingly recession-friendly offerings whether you are looking for your lady, your man, or just a little something for everyone. Below are some of my personal favorites.

Gifts for Him

A personal favorite, these great plaid cashmere scarves retail for $63 dollars at Marc by Marc stores.

These great suede felt fedoras are hand made in NYC and retail for $235 at the collection stores.

Cotton striped socks - $9, suspenders - $9, and cotton stripe belts - $20

Assorted material bowties - $25

Fold over North South tote - $38

Gifts for Her

These zipper necklaces retail for only $13, a sure favorite of the season for the ladies.

These beautiful umbrellas are actually made from prints from previous seasons and are only $18.

Hand pearled collection scrunchies - $150

Gift box necklace - $12

An assortment of Marc by Marc bags and accessories, all for under $300.

Gifts for Everyone

Marc Jacobs Christmas stockings are great for above the fire place and sell for $48.

Assorted color cashmere scarves - $49

This skull necklace is a really cool jewelry piece for guy or girl and retails for only $10.

These mushroom hats fit and look great for only $17.

This body pillow dog is great for the kids and retails at Little Marc Jacobs for $100.

These hotel key tags are a really cool item. Each one is numbered sequentially and has its own individual design, making each unique to itself. They retail for $15 at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores.

Assorted printed leather bracelets - $9

For these gifts and many other great holiday buys, be sure to get over to the Marc Jacobs stores and retailers to pick up some goodies.

To view other items and the rest of the blogger breakfast pics, click HERE.


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