December 9, 2009


This past weekend, I had a chance to stop by the release event for the AW77 Loophwheeler Edition hoodie hosted by Steven Alan and Nike. With a dual heritage between the Japanese loopwheeler dating back ages and the perfecting of the ideal athletic hoodie by Geoff Hollister back in 1977 for Nike, the AW77 loopwheeler hoodie is said to be "the world's greatest hoodie." The loopwheeler fleece is a testament to care and perfection put into the making of fleece. To create the softest, loftiest fleece in the world out of the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, antique loopwheel machines from the 20's and 30's are used to spin handpicked cotton at 24RPM. As a result, only 8 Loopwheeler hoodies can be made a day.

The release was a fun event hosted by Steven Alan in Tribeca with a great grouping of people to commemorate a truly beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The hoodies will be carried at the Steven Alan flagship for the rest of the season. Be sure to pick yours up as it is sure to be a piece that only leaves your closet to be worn on your back for years to come.