October 29, 2009


This may be the coolest thing that I have come across so far, T-post is a magazine that you can wear.

The process goes something like this: The company picks a piece of offbeat news that they would like to distribute off to you people around the world. After picking the article, they send it to one of their amazing visual artists to interpret artistically. The artist's interpretation is then printed on the front of the t-shirt with the actual article inside and a new piece of t-shirt news is delivered to your doorstep every 6 weeks. The use of design stimulates thinking and conversation for a better understanding of those things happening around us. For a better explanation, view the video below:

Not only are these tees visually amazing but they also represent a really amazing fresh new way of receiving news. To receive a t-shirt, you HAVE to subscribe. By only giving t-shirts to registered subscribers, the company assures that nothing will be wasted or overproduced. GENIUS! To see what it is all about or to get your subscription, click HERE.

Thanks to yatzer for the tip...

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