October 6, 2009


Chances are you have not heard of Peru Ana Ana Peru, but if you have ever set foot in Brooklyn, you are already unknowingly familiar with their work. Marked by a black box and white text displaying two names, a mirror image of themselves, the artists brand of work is splayed across the streets of Brooklyn. Almost as a marking of "Peru Ana Ana Peru was here," these small signifiers are usually accompanied by ornately designed pieces of artwork randomly sprawled across the streets or nearby discarded items left as trash. Their use of different mediums is a nice change from the more typical flat wall graffiti art the streets of New York is known for.

The identity of the artists has been very mysterious up to this point but on October 17th, a slight glimmer into who the artists are will be presented with their first ever solo exhibition at The Brooklynite Gallery entitled "...AND THEN WE JUMPED INTO THE ABYSS OF NUMBERS: Memories in Absurdity From the Bowels of Peru Ana Ana Peru".  The exhibit will "explore the unknown, the bizarre and the surreal through multi- media paintings/drawings, sculpture and installations... offering viewers yet another peek into this duo's collective psyche."

The exhibit runs October 17th - November 14th at The Brooklynite Gallery. Try to make it out for the opening night if you can because there is an added treat of musical guest BOMB SQUAD. More to come after the jump...

Opening night - October 17, 2009, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

334 Malcolm X Blvd.
Brooklyn, Ny 11233

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